Questions About GSA, Mobis

These questions were asked during a recent session of “How to Qualify for the GSA Schedule”


Question: “I’ve heard a lot of “noise” about MOBIS.  Is it always open for application like the other schedules?”

Answer:  There is no open season on MOBIS. It’s always open.  Here is a link to article related to the MOBIS Schedule.


Question: “Do you have to complete “Pathways to Success” training each time you apply?”

Answer:  We could not find a definitive answer, but suspect it’s a one-time requirement.  We would suggest if you have already taken the course, keep some documentation/proof of completion.


Question:  “Is there a formula to build your billing rate?”

Answer:  Our Government Contract Negotiations workshop focuses on identifying overhead expenses that you must factor into your selling price to ensure the costs are covered.  Overhead expenses are all of the costs you incur, except direct labor cost, direct materials cost and subcontracting costs that can be billed directly to a customer’s account.  We address overhead, profit and walk through a formula to build your fully loaded rate.  We are offering that workshop on Monday, September 22, 2014 at 1 – 5 PM (EST).  You can register to attend at:


Question:  “How do you defend your pricing?”

Answer:  In regard to defending your pricing, what that means is that when you put together Section III, Price Proposal you pricing must be consistent with commercial practices and you must provide supporting documentation on how and where you derived at that specific price.  Remembering that GSA’s pricing goals is to obtain equal to or better than the most favored customer (MFC) pricing you need to provide sufficient information to allow the contracting officer to determine that your prices are fair and reasonable.  It’s always a smart business decision to build an Excel spreadsheet with your numbers and the supporting narrative to be used when negotiating price.


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