RFQ Size Restrictions?

Question:  If a Request for Quote (RFQ) is NOT a set-aside, that means there are no size restrictions, correct? In this non-set-aside scenario, would there be self-performance requirements?

For solicitations where Block 10 of the SF 1449 indicates “Unrestricted” the competition is full and open, so any business of any size can compete for the work.  In this scenario, there are no limitations on the amount of work that can be subbed out to other companies, regardless of their size.   As a small business prime there would not be a requirement for a subcontracting plan.  If other than small business prime, then a subcontracting plan would be required if procurement exceeds $650,000.00. ($1.5m for construction)  See FAR Part 19.7.

Though a solicitation states full and open (F&OC – no set aside restrictions) there may be a preference cited in the evaluation criteria that may incentivize other than small businesses to team up with a small.

–Donna Gaillard

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