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Examples of our top-notch support include all facets of program integration and project management services to include acquisition planning, source selection support, program management, contract negotiations, program integration, and systems management.

Our satisfied customers include:

  • Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Defense Commissary Agency Point of Sale Modernization Program Office
  • Warner Robins Air Logistics Center
  • Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center
  • Patrick Air Force Base, and Eglin Air Force Base

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Stover & Associates, Inc. understands the far-reaching affect of organizational planning, training and acquisition on Government agencies. We have a rich history of success in helping Government organizations remain efficient and effective.

We provide expert advisory and consulting services in facilitating the development of Preliminary Planning, PWS, QASP, Phase-In Plan, Quality Control Plan, Agency Tender, and other related documents in response to the solicitation. We are prepared to support efforts in restructuring the organization along commercial lines to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. In effect, we become members of your team in preparing the best possible response to organizational change. This combination of experience and talent represents a significant resource to your organization.

Our success in organizational development translates directly to organizations approaching reengineering and similar reorganization efforts. We have applied our skills to provide our clients with source selection support as well as acquisition management services for efforts ranging from aircraft maintenance to Major Automated Information System Acquisition Review Council programs. We have the talent and capability to support virtually all of a Government organization's support needs.

SIN 874-1 Consultation Services

We provide expert advice, assistance, guidance and counseling in support of management, organizational and business improvement efforts. We are prepared to provide studies, analyses and reports documenting any proposed developmental, consultative or implementation efforts. Examples of our skills include:

Strategic, business and action planning
Performance measures and indicators
Process and productivity improvement
Program audits and evaluations
Organizational assessments

Our satisfied customers include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Defense Commissary Agency, Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, and the Small Business Administration.

SIN 874-6 Acquisition Management Support

We provide expert advice, consultation, assistance and documentation in support of federal acquisition management activities. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Strategic, tactical, and operational level planning support
Market research and development of acquisition strategies
All segments of document development to include pricing development, PWS, SOW, QASP, synopsis, and solicitation development
Complete proposal evaluation services
A broad array of contract administration services supporting contractor performance evaluation and contract issues
All elements of Competitive Sourcing Support to include strategic sourcing, public-private partnerships, business process reengineering, and privatization studies

SIN 874-4 Training Services

We provide off-the-shelf and customized off-the-shelf training packages under this SIN to meet your specific needs related to management, organizational and business improvement services, such as, but not limited to:

Performance problem-solving
Performance measurement
Customer service
Business process reengineering
Team building
Strategic planning
Quality management
Process improvement
Change management

Our satisfied customers include the Air Force Personnel Center, Air Force Management and Innovation Agency, Robins Air Force Base, and Tinker Air force Base.

SIN 874-7 Program Integration and Project Management Services

We provide services to manage and integrate various management and business improvement programs and projects for Federal activities. Our services include:

Projects internal to or between Federal agencies
Project management that connects and maintains liaison between multiple contractors

Monitoring of multiple project


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