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Our Training Success

At Stover & Associates, Inc. we are proud of our training record. Our participant/student critiques consistently reflect top ratings in instructor knowledge, presentation content, and responsiveness.

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Training Development and Delivery

Our Federal procurement training courses encompass the most current information on Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act (FASA), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), simplified acquisitions, basic contracting, sealed bidding, negotiated procurements, negotiations, cost and price analysis, contract administration, contract terminations, contract law, performance based service contracting and other key facets of Government contracting. Of special note to Government training personnel managers, our courses meet the needs of a broad spectrum of Federal employees and is tailored for acquisition managers.


Current Courses

Business Planning Seminar
Environmental Issues For Program Managers
Request For Proposal Preparation (for Government personnel)
Contract Law and Ethics
Request For Proposal Seminar
Financial Management For Managers
Proposal Preparation - An Overview
Government Property Administration
Proposal Preparation Training
Construction Contracting
Proposal Preparation Workshop
Statement of Work (SOW) Preparation
Performance Work Statement (PWS) Preparation
Source Selection Training (for Government personnel)
Government Contract Management
Business Process Reengineering
PWS Review Workshop

Training Courses

Carefully crafted and meticulously updated
Relevant class exercises
Adapted with examples from client environment
1 - 21 days duration
Focused on Acquisition Management
Bound copy of all class materials



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